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We all have turning points in life but my turning point was on 19th june 2013 as i was introduced to AYLF for the first time in Limuru Kenya as a student leader who was a guild president of Uganda Christian University Mukono. Of course being a guild president of a university, i knew it was satisfying enough and i knew that is what leadership was all about, fighting your way up and looking for survival and next post of leadership but it was different with AYLF. AYLF’s principles of leadership according to the personality of Jesus Christ were life changing and too serious than i ever imagined before and this to me was the beginning of my journey to understand the kind of leader i want to be and the kind of role model i would chose to emulate in leadership. AYLF training on the 7 habits of highly effective people was a whole mind blowing experience that opened my eyes to new phenomenal aspects in leadership such as having an end in mind and putting first things first among others that made me think deeply about my life. The AYLF love,family of friends strategy,fun and unity despite the diversity and difference in culture and background was yet another whole experienced that left me challenged. I was happy at how the group leaders merged our cultures, countries, backgrounds and professions into one family and circle of friends all other factors constant. The AYLF use of small groups was a new strategy of leadership whose influence i had never imagined. i always thought to influence things, i needed thousands of people to mobilize and do something about society  challenges but i found it different with this group. Jesus had a small group of 12 that he started with but finally his teaching spread to the entire world and has changed the world. Having all the above perspectives in mind, i left Limuru when i had totally conceived quiet a lot of knowledge, approaches, types and wisdom on leadership and finally my pregnancy then has grown and grown over years to give birth to the following fruits; In my term of office as guild president in 2013, i left a land mark and legacy at UCU as one of the best leaders they have ever had. I served with utmost humility, diginity and maturity using all the tools of wisdom that had been imparted in me in Limuru. Its this time that i appreciated the choice i had made to offer  transformational and servant leadership which was the best method i never regretted to use during my time of service as a leader. Still at university, I identified and formed a small group of friends to be my circle family of friends and this small group has existed until today. We are like brothers and sisters, we know each other than our own families and siblings know about us, we hold each other accountable, we are available for each other and this was one thing i learnt from AYLF. From Limuru in 2013, i came with determination to mentor others. Since then i have so far over 50 mentees who have assisted in leadership by passing on all the knowledge i kept on getting from gatherings and events of AYLF. Among my mentees include 5 guild presidents and several other guild leaders such as ministers and GRcs in different universities. i have not stopped there but i realised AYLF was doing everything possible to provide young leaders with information but the reading culture was so poor in the entire region thus in April 2016 this year, i started an organization called League of Young Professionals-Uganda (LYP) for readers and leaders. These are so far coming to 50 mentees from diffferent professions who i send books to read, analyze and summerise. We meet with other experienced carefully selected mentors who are readers to fellowship in small groups and share experiences with young professional to improve their attitude and culture in reading. This is a typical method of leadership that i picked from AYLF. As a true fruits of AYLF ,the future is bright and we are taking over all institutions in the next few years. The power in starting small is so powerful and the bundle is so heavy and irresistable to anything. Let every beneficiary of AYLF have a small team of young leaders to mentor and lets do the multiplier effect over years, we will look back and appreciate the mountain we have climbed with a smile. Special thanks to the African Youth Professional Network under AYLF which is up to date sharpening me as a professional. God bless the founders of AYLF God bless the leaders of AYLF God bless the AYPN group leaders and all AYLF members.

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  1. Am a Kenyan, Laikipia University student and a student leader, Director Academics 2016/2017. I kindly would like to get involved both in internal and external, national and international activities offered by your programs.

    I will highly appreciate your kind, and positive response.

    Thank you.
    With regards,
    Daniel Mbugua
    Director Academics

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