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On 8th of March AYLF South Sudan Chapter was launched at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe with a 4 day Gathering that drew approximately 120 young leaders of South Sudanese decent living in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. It was an exciting time for AYLF as we brought together South Sudan young leaders on Board to begin a process of crafting a shared vision for their country.

The objectives of the AYLF South Sudan gathering were to:

  1. Champion reconciliation and unity across all lines of division
  2. Facilitate young leaders to intentionally invest, cultivate and stay connected to one another for the rest of their lives in a bid to establish accountability groups.
  3. Encourage young leaders to take up leadership and engage in initiatives that positively influence their communities.
  4. Nurture leaders of integrity and noble character.

And therefore proper mobilization from the region was key



  1. Mobilization was done in Uganda, Kenya and Juba. The gathering mainly focused on the bringing together student leaders, but also extended an invite to a few former student leaders who were known to be actively working to positively influence their communities. The student leaders brought uniqueness to the conversations while the former student leaders assisted in giving direction to the conversations especially in the small groups setting.
  2. The gathering also brought together an assortment of the tribes from South Sudan with approximately 20 tribes being represented. We randomly allocated the participants into different small groups to allow them cultivate deep relationships beyond their various divides.
  • In respect to gender, we had 1.5 male participants for every 1 female participant. Realizing that gender imbalance was a probable reality in the gathering from previous experiences, we doubled our efforts during mobilization to see that an equal number of females was invited to attend the gathering. We as AYLF, intend to continue reaching out to Female student leaders to encourage more numbers of young women to participate in dialogues about leadership.


                     The Conference and Sessions

 Day 1 – Tim Kreutter;  AYLF South Sudan Vision Casting

  • The AYLF DNA and creating Unity in Diversity
  • Developing your moral leadership capacity; “intentional living”
  • Core values of AYLF; “Being the salt and light in the system and cultivating vital Relationships.

Some of the questions raised

  1. Why should the young people suffer when the platform is already laid?
  2. Why do young people pretend to be one in Uganda and yet back home we get back to fights?
  3. How can the young girls be mentored to make them better people?
  4. The two big issues in the region; apart from trading as youths in the region ,conflict and corruption; what other organizations and leaders can be involved and what is being done to get the solutions to these big issues?

Intentional Living 

  1. How do you create a lasting impact in a society?
  2. Everything rises and falls on leadership, how do we deal with the bad leadership?
  3. Some people believe in violence in leadership, how do we deal with conflict?


Day 2 – Dr. Ole Ronkei; Personal Discovery and Leadership

  • Life mapping
  • Discovering your passions and nurturing values

The session was structured in small groups, the young leaders shared personal stories and their respective leadership visions and journeys in regards to vision and purpose.  The deep sharings on discovering passions and nurturing values allowed the leaders to connect beyond their differences towards crafting a shared vision.

(Young Leaders in small groups discussing their passions & values)


Day 3 – Dani Kreutter; Serving with a Purpose in Leadership

  • Conscious Social Change
  • Going out on your own; Identifying your target population and influencing
  • Transforming your community

Small groups and tool kits on mindfulness and self-awareness were the structure used to guide this session.


(Young Leaders sharing on Mindfulness)


          Closing Ceremony

The gathering was closed ceremoniously by Ambassador Simon Duku who represents South Sudan in Uganda. He encouraged the young leaders to forget the past grievances of their fore fathers & fathers and work towards a better South Sudan. There-after, the young leaders were hosted to a cultural celebration night that had them showcase traditional dances and folk songs from all the regions: Equatorial, Upper Nile & Bahr –el – Ghazal. The cultural night had the young leaders enjoy their diverse cultures with different groups joining in dance with different groups, a true reflection of the possibilities of unity in the young South Sudan.

AYLF intends to continue reaching out to South Sudan young leaders especially University Students through the small group structure that it uses to continue the conversations started at the gathering and nurture a new breed of South Sudan Leaders.

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