AYLF DR Congo is actually an assembly of different AYLF Chapters being developed under the same vision: a family of friends nurturing a new breed of Africa Leaders. This year we are celebrating 3 years since we started officially in different universities and towns. Today AYLF DR Congo has been operating in eight different towns and in more than 15 universities and 6 high schools.

Below is the list of different institutions where students are involved in AYLF activities:


Goma town: here we have two small groups; the first small groups brings together students from 5 different universities:

  • University of Goma;
  • ISTM Goma;
  • And ISSNT Goma

The second brings together the students from the two campuses of :

  2. In Uvira, we have 2 small groups:
  • ISTM Uvira;
  • ISC Uvira

      2. In Bukavu we also have one small groups that brings together students from:

  • UOB bukavu;
  • ISP Bukavu.
  • Université Catholique de Bukavu (UCB) ;
  • Institut Supérieur des Techniques Médicales à Bukavu (ISTM Bukavu)

      3. In Butembo we have 1 small group that brings together students from the following universities:

  • Université Catholique de Graben (UCG) ;
  • Université Officiel de Rwenzori (UOR);
  • Institut Supérieur Emmanuel d’Alzo de BUTEMBO (ISEA BUTEMBO)
  • Université Technologique des Butungera (UTB)

      4. In Beni we have 1 small group that brings together students from:

  • UCBC Beni ;
  • ISC beni

In total we have 8 small groups that work with students from 18 different universities.

B. High schools:

  1. Institut MAENDELEO;
  2. Lycée AMANI.